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Effective Negotiating Skills

Good negotiating skills are essential for success in both our business life and personal life. A good negotiator is able to create good business results and build a sustainable relationship with the company’s business partners. Good negotiators are able to handle the conflicts that may arise professionally and personally and will consequently contribute with greater value to their surroundings. course in negotiating, kursus i forhandlingsteknik på engelsk
About the course 
The course is held over two days. However, the length and content of the course can be tailored to your needs. The course is also available in Danish!

Use our chat room, call us or send an e-mail to
course in negotiating, kursus i forhandlingsteknik på engelsk
By the end of the course, the participants will have learned to:
  • Define good negotiation behaviour
  • Distinguish between making concessions and trading concessions 
  • Describe strengths and weaknesses of your own negotiating style 
  • Obtain confidence in future negotiations.

Become a better negotiator!

On this course you will learn to communicate more effectively through an understanding of the relative importance of the three channels of communication – verbal (the words), nonverbal (visual) and paraverbal (vocal). You will be able to structure and prepare negotiations through the application of the principles of good negotiation behaviour with a view to achieving more favourable results for your organisation without any negative effects on strategically important business relationships. 

Focus on practical negotiation techniques

You will gain an insight into the importance of negotiating skills in procurement, internal cooperation, business development and sales meetings. You will be able to describe strengths and weaknesses of your own negotiating style and identify specific areas of behaviour to be developed/changed to improve your performance in future internal/external negotiations. Furthermore the course enables you to apply the techniques learned during the workshop with confidence in your future negotiations.

course in negotiating, kursus i forhandlingsteknik på engelsk

Acceptable tactics vs. dirty tricks

Throughout the course you will be able to explain the phases and stages of the negotiation process and demonstrate appropriate tactics and behaviours in each of these. You will learn how to distinguish between acceptable tactics and dirty tricks and to take positive steps to counter any such tricks. The course also provides you with the ability to distinguish between making concessions and trading concessions in order to make sure that they always get something for something.

The instructor cares about your learning!

To AROS KURSER, it all comes down to creating a positive change for you! This is why we ask you about your needs and preconditions prior to the course. And the instructor helps you to transfer your new knowledge and skills to your everyday after the course.

Sign up and get a free mini guide!

When you sign up for this course in Effective Negotiating Skills, we send all participants our little mini guide: “Get maximum value out of your courses”. With this guide you get some simple advice on how to get maximum value out of this course – and all your future courses.

course in negotiating, kursus i forhandlingsteknik på engelsk

How is the workshop run?

The workshop is interactive with the focus on learning by doing.  The communications and negotiation exercises are challenging, and all exercises are debriefed thoroughly to extract maximum learning. Each participant is given the possibility of developing through interacting with the other participants. The use of video with some exercises further enhances the learning and individual feedback for each participant.

Who should participate?

This course is intended for all professional business people that participate in internal/external negotiations.

Order an internal course!

You can order this course in Effective Negotiating Skills as an internal course. Call Training Manager Anders Rosenlund for more information and prices, phone: 70 278 279.
The course is also available in Dansih!

course in negotiating, kursus i forhandlingsteknik på engelsk

kursus i præsentationteknikpercent of our customers think that the instructor in their course was either "good" or "very good" at adapting the course to each participant.

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References from our course participants:

Marianne Jørgensen
”Kurset var af høj kvalitet. Jeg er nu i højere grad i stand til at analysere hvilken forhandlingssituation jeg befinder mig i.”

Dorrit Christensen
”Det var et givende kursus. Underviseren var dygtig til at tilpasse sit stof til netop mine behov, og formåede at undervise på et passende niveau.”


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